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Our Visit to Kingfisher Animal Farm

I arranged to meet up with a friend and her two little children at Kingfisher Animal Farm last Saturday morning.  The setting is lovely, overlooking Prices Dam, and the entrance fees were surprisingly reasonable (Adults US$2, Children US$1), although I was a little disappointed with the overall experience. I ordered Iced Tea, which they didn’t have…on what one might expect to be one of
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One Unhappy Little Girl:-(

It was with great intrepidation that I took my little girl for her 18-Month Injection yesterday.  Sadly, despite my best endeavours to prevent a serious reaction (I gave her Ponstan half an hour beforehand, and applied an ice pack to her leg directly afterwards), she was very miserable when she awoke from her afternoon nap.  Her leg was clearly very painful, so much so
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Found : One Child Carrier Backpack

Since my little girl was just over a year, I have been in search of a replacement for my Baby Bjorn front carrier (which was brilliant, I might add!)  Ideally, I was looking for a backpack-style child carrier…to fulfil my rather romanticized dream of trekking through the Andes with my toddler in tow…hmmm…!  So you can imagine my sheer delight when a lady arrived
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