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Smarties…Helps the Medicine Go Down…

…in the most delightful way! I think I’ve finally cracked it…until now, my little girl of 20 months has been extremely abject to having any medicines, with the exception of Nurofen, however, with the recent introduction of 2 smarties after swallowing her medicines, she seems a little more receptive (or should I say, she doesn’t gag every time now!) I have previously tried mixing
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Messy Play in the Kitchen

I decided to introduce my 20 month-old to play-play cooking this afternoon…a fun, but somewhat messy alternative to water play!  I placed things like flour, pasta, rice, sugar and water in small containers, and then gave them to her, along with a couple of larger bowls and some spoons, and she took it from there.  She seemed to know exactly what was expected and
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