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Fun at Mums and Babes Water Play

I’m not sure who had more fun…  I took my ‘almost 22 month old’ to Mums and Babes Water Play with Heather Hiripis yesterday, and we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  There were only three other mums with their little ones, which was pleasant, and Heather made sure she spent some time with each of us during the half an hour we had in the
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Starting Nursery School

My little girl of 21 months started Nursery School this year, only 3 days a week, but still!  Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s been all that easy…despite the convenience of being able to walk across the road!!  She had a cold last week, so she only went to school once, and now we’re back to ground zero, it seems.  She’s been incredibly clingy this
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Baby Changing Facilities at Soprano’s Coffee Shop

Sadly, the last two times I’ve been at The Cottage, the baby changing facilities have been out of order, however, I was delighted to note the other day that Soprano’s Coffee Shop (Argyle Road, Avondale) also have baby changing facilities in the ladies WC.  It really does make such a difference:-)  Thank you Soprano’s!