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1 Step Forward…& 2 Backwards!

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like I’d taken one step forward and then two (or even three) backwards…I’m pretty sure others will identify! Inspired by the book I’m currently reading (‘Raising Your Spirited Child’ by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka), and other advice I’ve seen online, I am really trying hard to be more effective in the way I discipline my 2-year
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Tempestuous Twos!

Although we believed we were old hands when it came to dealing with toddler tantrums, my husband and I recently learnt otherwise when our mostly precious little girl turned 2!  Textbook, one might say, in fact, she aptly meets the Wikipedia reference for ‘Terrible Twos’, being “a child development stage which normally occurs around the age of two (but can start earlier) and consists of toddlers
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Intro to Toddlers Church!

Having committed to take my little girl to church with me when she finally gave up her morning nap, I rather apprehensively encouraged her into the car last Sunday for the short journey to Harvest Christian Fellowship.  Bearing in mind I usually attend church alone, I just had visions of spending the duration of the church service in ‘creche’, but I rationalised ‘at least it
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