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The Old Made New!

A small group of us decided to take our kiddies to Greenwood Park during the half-term weekend, and I was truly heartened by the experience!  I’d heard that it had been refurbished by the Rotary Club of Harare a little while back, and I was genuinely delighted to see what a great job they’ve done, so a huuuge ‘thank-you’ to all those involved in
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Transforming My Fussy Eater…

…a little mouthful at a time! Before I had a child of my own, I always swore I wouldn’t tolerate a fussy eater.  Having been brought up to eat everything (or just about!), I guess you could say I was totally unprepared for the picky eater that is my daughter and how best to deal with her!!  Despite being introduced to a variety of
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