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Fun in the Eternity Lab

I managed to persuade my 5 (almost 6) year old daughter to move up to Junior Church this week, only the second week in to the term which, if you know my little girl, was quite an accomplishment:-)  The Eternity Lab, as the Junior Church at Highlands Presbyterian have themed themselves this term, looked just like a science lab with beakers, test tubes and
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Benefits of Ballet

There was much excitement in the house last week as my 5 (turning 6) year old daughter got ready for her first ballet lesson.  Although she’s done ‘ballet’ of sorts at her nursery school for the past couple of years, I resisted the temptation of enrolling her in a ballet school until now, as I didn’t want her to start too young and then
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Imire for Kids

We were recently treated to an overnight stay at Imire, the itinerary for which included their renowned game drive with lunch, which I was very excited about…and despite the rain which chased us from our lunch spot, it didn’t disappoint! Although I’ve previously done the game drive myself, I was looking forward to sharing the experience with my now 5 year-old.  To me, the
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