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Where to Go?

Amusement Parks
Benji's Fun Factory
44 Harare Drive, Borrowdale, Harare
Tel: +263 (0)771 930479 / 0773 237766 / 886794
Email: cmayanja2003@yahoo.com
Entry US$7/child for a morning or afternoon
Greenwood Park
Cnr Seventh St/Herbert Chitepo Ave, Harare
Tel: +263 (04) 798963 / 0778 052402
Particularly popular for children aged 7 years and under.
All-day pass US$10.
Opening hours 10:00-17:00.
Harare Showgrounds
Exhibition Park, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Rides include The Dive Bomber, Dodgems, Jeeps, Tilt A Twirl.
Tel: +263 (0)4 780963
Email: events@zas.co.zw
Rainhill Live Steam Locomotives Miniature Railway Track
Glenara Avenue (opposite Runiville Shopping Centre)

Open every third Sunday of the month, from 2pm to 4.30pm (sometimes closed December and January)
Tamba Tamba
57 Princess Drive, Newlands
Tel: +263 (0) 776 617493 / (0) 8677101397,
Email: info@tambatamba.co.zw
Web: www.tambatambazimbabwe.com
Opening times are 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Saturday. 9am - 3pm Sunday. Entry charge of $7/ child, adults are FREE! There are group rates for pre schools and baby groups and a package for Birthday parties!
Outdoor Attractions
Aviary at Exhibition Park (Show Grounds)
Samora Machel Avenue West, Harare
Tel: +263 4 78093-4 / 253008
Open Wednesday to Sunday 9am to 5pm
Chengeta Safari Lodge
Offers a range of activities including horseriding, canoeing, walks, game drives (with a picnic lunch out in the bush if prearranged) or fishing. Situated less than 80km from Harare (near Selous).
Tel: +263 (0)772 573022 / 0772 568834
Email: reservations@chengeta.co.zw
A wonderful wilderness experience just a short distance from Harare, with spectacular scenery and seven sites of San rock art. It offers a paradise place to play with all the rocks and kopjes to explore and the wonderful playground area. US$5/adult and US$2/child. Inexpensive braai packs, picnic food and other catering is available on request.

Drive out of the city on Mutare Road, and take a right into Chiremba Road just before central Ruwa, then follow signposts. Pre-booking essential.
Tel: +263 (0)772 466683
Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens
Located on the Shamva Road, 35kms from Harare, a lovely scenic venue for a braai or a simple picnic with family and friends. Prides itself in being one of the world's largest aloe and cycad gardens (although aloes are only in bloom between May and September). Enjoy a walk after lunch or some bird viewing whilst the children play a ball game.
Web: www.zimparks.org/index.php/parks-overview/botanic-gardens/ewanrigg-botanic-gardens
Gosho Park
Offers a great day out in the countryside...with giraffe, zebra, a range of antelope and 237 different species of birds recorded. Picnic sites, walking tails and basic camping facilities available. Entry US$3, vehicle US$5, camping adults US$10 and children US$5/night. Located on the Springvale School Campus just left of the 83km peg Harare/Mutare Road. Open every day of the week.
Tel: +263 (0)279 23599 / 0279 24951/3 / 0279 22200/4
Email: secretary@phg.co.zw
Haka Game Park
About 10 minutes from Harare, Haka is small private reserve which borders Cleveland Dam, and home to animals such as impala, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and eland. It's an idyllic little picnic spot and if you're a keen fisherman, it would be possible for you to take a boat onto the dam from the Cleveland Dam entrance, and they also offer canoe trips from that side.

To get to Haka, take the road left off the Mutare Road, after Danhiko (opposite Jaggers). You will then see Haka signposted to your left just before you reach the entrance to Cleveland Dam.
Hippo Pools
Experience the peace, beauty of the Umfurudzi wilderness area, situated 150km from Harare. Offering serviced, self catering chalets and campsites, on banks of the Mazoe river. Enjoy game walks or drives, birding, fishing, canoeing and watch beautiful sunsets, to the grunts of our resident hippo family in the pool below. Day trippers are very welcome to bring and enjoy their own picnics and braais.
Email: wildernessafrica@zol.co.zw
Web: www.wildernessafricatrust.org
Situated 105km east of Harare, Imire has rhino, elephant, lion, hyena, giraffe, zebra, buffalo and more than ten different types of antelope, as well as 150 different species of birdlife. Day trip rates - $50/adult, $40/child (3-12 years), inclusive of the following:
9.30am - Arrive at Sable Lodge for tea, coffee and biscuits
10am - Game drive starts to see black rhino, elephant, lion, hyena, giraffe & wide variety of plains game
1pm - Arrive at the dam for lunch while watching elephants swim
2pm - Game drive continues to see elephant, buffalo, crocodile, sable, wildebeest & more plains game
3.30pm - Arrive at Sable Lodge for tea, coffee and biscuits prior to departure
Booking essential.
Tel: +263 (0)222 2094 / 0772 522201 / 04 744723
Email: imiregp@zol.co.zw
Web: www.imire.org
Kingfisher Animal Farm
61 Prices Drive, Emerald Hill
Tel: +263 (0)772 307489
Overlooking Prices Dam, this braai/picnic venue has recently undergone a major overhaul, and offers a wide range of activities for all ages, including a designated play area for children under 4 years, fishing, canoing, swing ball and bean bag slip water slip and slide. Many more planned. Some areas still under renovation, including the restaurant. Closed on Mondays. Call to book.
Kuimba Shiri Bird Park
Zimbabwe’s only bird park, Kuimba Shiri boasts 460 species of indigenous birds in the wild, and is situated on the shores of Lake Chivero.
Tel: +263 (0)4 2926136
Email: birdpark@mweb.co.zw
Web: www.kuimbashiri.co.zw
Lion and Cheetah Park and Snake World, Lake Chivero
Situated near Lake Chivero, a half an hour’s drive outside Harare, the Lion & Cheetah Park is a sanctuary for lions, cheetahs, the oldest and largest galapagos tortoise in Zimbabwe and a wide variety of other animals.
Opening hours Mon – Thu: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, Fri – Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tel: +263 (0)772 263 099 / 0772 227 069
Email: lionpark@iwayafrica.co.zw
Mukuvisi Woodlands
The Mukuvisi Woodlands Wildlife and Environment Centre is a 263 hectare woodland preserve, home to a variety of Zimbabwe's indigenous flora and fauna including zebra, impala, giraffe, wildebeest, eland and crocodile. Situated close to the city centre, this peaceful haven is often the first experience many of the urban children have with the wildlife located throughout their country. They hold Family Runs/Walks on the last Sunday of every month, after which you can enjoy a hearty breakfast at their cafe.
Tel: +263 4 747111 / 747123 / 0774 198009
Email: mukwa@zol.co.zw
Web: www.mukuvisiwoodland.co.zw
Mwanga Lodge and Bally Vaughan Game Park
Only 40 minutes from Harare, Mwanga Lodge offers a unique opportunity for children to experience the wonders of Creation. Offering school field trips and camps, tours of the Bally Vaughan Sanctuary, day and overnight safaris, elephant rides, game drives and canoeing.
Tel: +263 4 776341 / 0772 300935
Email: gamepark@mango.zw / gameparkzimbabwe@gmail.com
Web: www.zimbabwegamepark.com
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Nestled in the heart of the Umwinsidale Valley, Raintree's lush landscaped gardens on the edge of the Umwinsi River offer an idyllic picnic spot. To get there, go out on Enterprise Road, past Glen Lorne. Turn left into Umwinsidale Road and drive for about 3.1kms, then turn right into Raintree. Please confirm beforehand that there are no functions organized for that day.
Tel: +263 (0)772 236864 (Ian) / 0772 333965 (Cindy)
Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary
Only 30 minutes from Harare, the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary, run by trustees Sarah Carter and veterinarian Dr Vinay Ramlaul, is a rescue and rehabilitation centre offering a safe haven to a wide variety of wildlife, farm and domestic animals and birds.
Tel: +263 774 312887 / 0772 592944
Email: sarah@twalatrust.co.zw
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Educational Outings
Safety Sam Traffic Training Centre
The Chase, Mt Pleasant
Plastic motorbikes and bicycles available for use.
Tel: +263 (0)4 303983 / 0773 306706
Discovereum - Children's Museum Zimbabwe
Stand No 18399 Hillside Road Extension, Msasa, Harare
Tel: +263 (0)4 446900-1
Email: discovereumharare@gmail.com
Web: www.discovereum.org