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Autism Organization Zimbabwe (AOZ) is a registered Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) whose primary aim is the rehabilitation of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), provision of skills training and support services as well as raising public awareness on issues affecting children or adults living with ASD.

No. 9, 65th Avenue, Haig Park, Mabelreign, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 773 169 836; +263 772 843 504; +263 734 814 349
Email: autismzimbabwe@gmail.com

How Can You Help?
They presently rely on donations from parents as their sole source of funding, and hence would be extremely grateful for any contributions from their ‘Wish List’, as follows:

  1. Building materials i.e. cement, roofing timber, tiles, asbestos etc.
  2. Furniture i.e. classroom chairs/tables, kitchen table/chairs, lounge suite, chest of drawers
  3. Gluten free products (any)
  4. Beds ¾ or single
  5. Cooker – 4 plate
  6. Refrigerator
  7. Kitchen utensils i.e. kettle, spoons, plates, fork, knives, pots, teapots, mugs, dishes (big or small), dish towels
  8. Baking utensils
  9. Microwave
  10. Electric generator
  11. Geyser
  12. Minibus
  13. Borehole
  14. Musical instruments
  15. Water storage tank
  16. Mats i.e. door mats, floor mats, table mats
  17. Stationery i.e. bond paper, paper clips
  18. Curtains
  19. Second hand clothes
  20. Wardrobe
  21. Toys
  22. First Aid Kit
  23. Desktop computers
  24. TV
  25. DVD Player
  26. Radio
  27. Garden tools
  28. Cot Bed
  29. Juice Maker
  30. Painting kit