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Baby Massage

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9 Harare Drive

Tel: 0772 347160
Email: wicks@africaonline.co.zw
Benefits to you and your baby:

- Helps relieve colic, tummy discomfort and teething
- Helps stimulate all the body systems, i.e. immune, nervous, respiratory, endocrine etc.
- Helps baby sleep better
- Deepens bonding
- Increases the baby's body awareness and subsequently the self-image of the child
- Improves communication and builds respect between parent and child
- Helps the parent to feel more competent and confident in their role as a parent
- Opportunity for closeness and focused time together, for working parents and their babies
- Baby's daily massage time offers the parent a time to relax and unwine from the busy pace of life
- It provides intimacy and special bonding time for father and child
More Information About the Sessions

Sessions are especially designed for parents and their baby.
Please telephone on 0772 347160 or email us for more information and to enquire about booking.

Baby Massage

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