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Starting Nursery School

My little girl of 21 months started Nursery School this year, only 3 days a week, but still!  Unfortunately, I can’t say it’s been all that easy…despite the convenience of being able to walk across the road!!  She had a cold last week, so she only went to school once, and now we’re back to ground zero, it seems.  She’s been incredibly clingy this
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New Day Care Centre Welcomes Drop-Ins

I recently attended the Open Day of a new day care centre in Mt Pleasant, Harare.  I was attracted by the fact that they welcome drop-ins, and I liked the idea that I could potentially leave my 15 month old there to have fun (for just US$2/hour), whilst I do my grocery shop at Arundel Village.  The lady who runs the show, Mrs Kristoffersen,
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