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To Send to School or Not…

…that is the question…I have been asking myself for the past few days!  My little girl of almost 2 has had a full blown cold with a cough this week, and each day, I have questioned what the responsible decision would be, in light of her symptoms (streaming eyes, running nose and chesty cough).  You can probably tell she’s my only child…perhaps if I
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Smarties…Helps the Medicine Go Down…

…in the most delightful way! I think I’ve finally cracked it…until now, my little girl of 20 months has been extremely abject to having any medicines, with the exception of Nurofen, however, with the recent introduction of 2 smarties after swallowing her medicines, she seems a little more receptive (or should I say, she doesn’t gag every time now!) I have previously tried mixing
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One Unhappy Little Girl:-(

It was with great intrepidation that I took my little girl for her 18-Month Injection yesterday.  Sadly, despite my best endeavours to prevent a serious reaction (I gave her Ponstan half an hour beforehand, and applied an ice pack to her leg directly afterwards), she was very miserable when she awoke from her afternoon nap.  Her leg was clearly very painful, so much so
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