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Common Immunisation Questions

Q:  What medicine do you give for a child with fever following immunisation?

Q:  If the baby has a cold or flu, with a fever, should he be immunised?
A:  No, not until he has recovered

Q:  If you believe there has been a major illness or reaction to a particular vaccine, is further immunisation to be given?
A:  Any severe reactions must be reported to your family doctor.  If these fit certain criteria, it is possible the doctor may recommend omitting one part of the vaccine.

Q:  When do premature babies get their vaccines?
A:  If they are healthy, immunisation should start at the same time after birth as it would for any other child.

Q:  If I miss one vaccine do I need to start all over again?
A:  No!  You need no extra shots.  Start where you left off and continue at the original spacing.

Q:  If the vaccines are commenced at an older age than suggested, do you use the same spacing?
A:  Yes

Q:  If a young child has a bad cut or is bitten by a dog, does he need a tetanus shot?
A:  Not if he has had a tetanus immunisation in the previous two years.  Check with your doctor.

Q:  If a child has been sick with measles in his first year of life, does this mean that no measles vaccine should be given?
A:  Studies show that most rashes diagnosed as measles in the first year of life are, in fact, misdiagnoses.  There is no harm giving the vaccine to a child who has already had measles, so if in doubt, please vaccinate.

Q:  If a child is allergic to eggs, should the measles vaccine (which is egg-cultured) be given?
A:  Most doctors would now say yes, but with care.

Q:  Does MMR (for measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine increase the risk of autism?
A:  There is concern that MMR vaccination may increase the risk of autism.  This was because the age when autism is usually diagnosed is after the first MMR vaccination is given.  There was also an increased incidence of autism but this increase predated the introduction of the MMR vaccine.  It is thought that MMR vaccination and diagnosis of autism is purely coincidental.

(Source:  ‘New Toddler Taming’ by Dr Christopher Green)