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Easter Cupcakes

eggsYou will need:

  • cupcakes
  • coconut & green food colouring
  • butter icing
  • mini chocolate eggs
  • Tiny yellow chickens (cake craft shop at Willowmead sells them).
  • BRATS - sour candy strips




  1. Ice your cupcakes with some butter icing.
  2. Colour some coconut with some green food colouring to make your grass.  Then sprinkle this on to your butter icing on your cupcakes.
  3. Easter Basket cupcake: - take the back of a paintbrush and push a small hole into one side of your cupcake and then do the same on the opposite side.  Push your strip of candy into the holes to make your handle for your basket.  Then add your mini eggs.
  4. Chicken’s nest - place your mini chicken on top of the cupcake and then add your mini eggs. Remember your chicken is NOT edible!  Purely for decor!

Lovely Easter cupcakes to have for tea when you have the family over.


(Courtesy of Crafty Bugs)