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Heritage LogoThe Heritage School - Infants Department
Heritage Drive
Borrowdale Brooke

Tel: +263 4 861988 / 0715 472274
Email: F.Manyanga@TheHeritageSchool.net
Web: www.theheritageschool.net
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Heritage LogoThe Heritage School - Junior Department
Heritage Drive
Borrowdale Brooke

Tel: +263 4 862286 / 0715 472275
Email: B.Mate@TheHeritageSchool.net
Web: www.theheritageschool.net
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School NameEnrolment Details
Bishopslea Preparatory School for Girls
Bishop Gaul Avenue, Belvedere, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 4 741927 / 740523 / 740537
Email: val@bishopslea.co.zw
Web: www.bishopslea.com
Entrance requirements are as follows:
  • Grade 0 and Grade 1 – the girls are interviewed by teachers.

  • Other Grades – the girls will sit an entrance test.
  • Bryden Country School
    Chegutu, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 772 256962 / 0778 692430 / 053 2307 / 053 2395
    Email: secretary@bryden.com
    Web: www.brydenschool.com
    Chisipite Junior School
    St Aubin’s Walk, Chisipite, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 4 497512
    Email: chisijun@zol.co.zw
    Gateway Primary School
    The Chase, Emerald Hill, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 4 332740
    Email: enrolment@gatewayprimary.co.zw
    Web: www.gatewayprimary.co.zw
    Enrolment Process:
  • Grade One - Information forms for the annual Grade One intake are available either from the school reception or by email request through the Enrolment Secretary. The normal route of entry is by postal application only to P.O. Box EH121, Emerald Hill, Harare and must be posted at Emerald Hill Post Office. This must be done on 1st January (regardless of whether it is a weekend or public holiday) of the year before the child is due to enter Grade One. Please note that only applicants who are applying for the correct year will be considered (ie. born between 1st January and 31st December 2008 must apply for Grade One 2014).

  • Grades 2 - 7 - Enquiries for these grades may be made direct to the Enrolment Secretary by email.
  • Hellenic Primary School
    Corner Harry Pichanick/ Swan Drive, New Alexandra Park, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tel: + 263 4 745211 / 745330 / 2917910
    Email: admin@hellenic.ac.zw
    Web: www.hellenic.ac.zw
    Intake Policy
    All parents wishing to enroll their children at Hellenic School must complete an application form and hand it to the school office. This needs to be done as soon as is feasibly possible, to ensure admission
    The selection of pupils into Hellenic School will be done with utmost strictness and there will be absolutely no exceptions. The criteria, in order of priority, are as follows:
  • Greek children who are ready for school - Parents need to prove that they are of Greek descent and that they have been registered with the Greek Community for a minimum period of one year, prior to submitting their application with the School. The Greek children will sit the readiness test (in the Mid Term) and will be accepted into Grade One providing they are ready for school.

  • Siblings (of children currently attending Hellenic) who are ready for school - This is only applicable to immediate brothers and sisters and/or stepbrothers and sisters. It does not include nephews, nieces, cousins, distant relatives or families with the same name.

  • Children who attend Hellenic Nursery School, preference being given to children meeting the criteria of Priority 1 or 2 above.

  • Children baptized in the Orthodox Faith.

  • The final selection, is based purely and strictly on merit and scores achieved on the readiness tests.

  • Intake for Other Grades
    It must be fully understood that:
    • All classes have a maximum size of 27 children per class.
    • There are two classes per grade, therefore 54 children per grade.
    No exceptions are made. If there are vacancies in any of the classes then children are admitted according to the criteria indicated above.
    Lilfordia School
    P. Bag 304 B, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 772 305233 / (04) 252013 / 252014 / 0773 060238
    Email: pippa@lilfordia.com
    Web: www.lilfordia.com
    Application forms can be downloaded from their website
    Ruzawi School
    Postal Bag 3713, Marondera, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 279 24104/5 / 0733 822907 / 0772 276057
    Email: admin@ruzawi.com
    Web: www.ruzawischool.co.zw
    Application forms can be downloaded from their website
    Rydings School
    Postal Bag 2116, Karoi, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 773 441275 / 0712 308929
    Email: rydings@iwayafrica.com
    Web: www.rydings.co.zw
    Application forms can be downloaded from their website
    Sharon School
    Milton Park, Harare
    Springvale House
    Postal Bag 3741, Marondera, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 279 22200/4
    Email: enquiries@springvalehouse.co.zw
    Web: www.springvalehouse.co.zw
    St John’s Preparatory School
    21 Fisher Avenue, Rolf Valley, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Tel: +263 4 885121/8
    Web: www.stjohns.co.zw
    St Michael’s Preparatory School for Boys
    Ridgeway North, Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe
    Twin Rivers Primary School
    Lincoln Road, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe