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Egg Carton Caterpillars






What you need: Egg carton, paint, paint brush, scissors, craft glue, pipe cleaners & some wobbly eyes (you can draw on the eyes if you have small children)

  1. Cut your egg carton into strips (i did my caterpillars with 4 humps but you can do as many or as little humps as you like) .  Paint the strips you have cut and leave to dry.
  2. Once your strips are dry take a pencil and pierce two holes in the front hump of your caterpillar for  his feelers, pierce one hole in each side of each hump for his legs, and one in the top of the last hump for his tail.
  3. Take your pipe cleaners and cut to the size you need x1 for his feelers, x3 for his legs and x1 for his tail.  Thread the pipe cleaners through the holes you have made.  To make your feelers curly you can wrap the pipe-cleaner around a pencil and pull the pencil out - this makes a lovely round curly feeler or curly tail!
  4. Add two spots of glue on to the front of the caterpillar and place on your wobbly eyes.  You can draw on your eyes using a black marker if you children are small and you dont want them getting hold of the wobbly eyes!

Download instructions here!

Courtesy of Christy from Crafty Bugs - Harare