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Encouraging Children to Clean Their Rooms

Cleaning does not come naturally to a child, however the good news is that practice makes perfect! Here are some suggestions for making clean bedrooms possible.

  • It is important to include your child in your own cleaning so they learn how to clean.
  • Cleaning can be a lonely task, so for the social child, it may feel like a punishment. By working as a team, you can help your child with their room, and they can help you, so you can hopefully get the job done quicker!
  • Treat your child by doing something fun together after their cleaning task.
  • It is essential that you are clear about what you mean by “a clean room”, before the child starts on the job, and ensure that your expectations are in line with their age and capability.  Here’s a useful way of breaking the task down:
  1. Fold clean clothes or put them on hangers, and put them away. Put the dirty clothes in the wash basket. Put all shoes (neatly) in the cupboard.
  2. Return all dirty dishes to the kitchen, and  empty the wastepaper basket in the kitchen dustbin.
  3. Put away the toys
  4. Put away all books, DVDs, CDs, computer programs, in their proper boxes if appropriate, and then put away.
  5. Organize the desk, if applicable, so that homework and books are accessible. Throw away old clutter and scrap paper.
  6. Clean the floor. Sweep, or move furniture aside and vacuum. Don't forget to vacuum the dust from under the bed!

And thank your lucky stars we don't live in a first world country, where we'd have to make the beds, dust, hoover and clean the walls too:-)

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