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Father’s Day Craft

Fathers DayYOU WILL NEED:- children's finger paints (or make your own), coloured card,  glue stick,  marker pen,  scissors,  photograph


Have someone help you if you are on your own with little one - it can get messy!

  1. Paint little one's hands and press on to your card, different colours makes it brighter
  2. Get Daddy and paint his hand too - putting it on card - then put little one's hand inside his!  If you have more than one child you can always put dad's hand in the middle and their hands on either side of his.
  3. Cut out your hand prints and using another piece of colour card, mount your photograph on to that
  4. Now place your small hands down on either side of your photo and add a little card in the middle with your father's day saying...I used "Hands Down Best Dad"
  5. Place Daddy's hand with little hand on the side of your photograph
  6. Put your Happy Father's Day message on the paper - or even better get little one to write on the card, or inside the hands in a black marker

IDEAS:  You can frame this in a picture frame.  You can put two magnets on the back and stick on the fridge.  You could split the pictures in two on two different pieces of card and make Father's Day cards or two separate frames for Dad's office!

Download instructions click here!

Courtesy of Christy from Crafty Bugs - Harare.