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Harare Children’s Home

The Harare Children's Home aims to provide a place of safety for about 60 children, looking after their needs and helping them grow into independent adults through the provision of education. The children are from a wide variety of social backgrounds and are all referred by the Government Department of Social Welfare. The home takes newly born babies and older children. Girls are looked after until they are 20, and boys until they are 10. As the home does not have the facilities to look after boys after this age, they must then move on to other children's homes. Before the girls are to leave, the home makes every effort to provide them with training in any area which each particular girl shows special abilities (i.e. sewing, catering, computers, business studies, horticulture, secretarial studies etc).

How Can You Help?
The home is currently in desperate need of funding for school fees and school uniforms. Primary schooling for one child costs US$90 per term, and secondary schooling for one child costs US$160 per term.

If you would prefer to donate in kind, they are always grateful to receive groceries, and particularly the following:

Soya chunks, mealie meal, kapenta, dried beans, sugar, cooking oil, soup (any kind to be used as gravy), beef, relish, cool drink (e.g. Mazoe), biscuits, Zap Naks (for school tuck), baby formula (stages 1 and 2), Vaseline, soap, washing powder and green soap