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KidzCan is a registered charity here in Zimbabwe, focused on improving the provision of an early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer in children, as well as contributing to the well being of those children suffering from cancer and other related life threatening blood disorders. They aim to ensure that the affected children and their families have access to a high standard of treatment and support, regardless of their place of residence or their socio-economic background.
KidzCan has developed over the past several years and now aims to:

  • Fund diagnostic testing
  • Source and distribute much of the critically needed oncology medications
  • Provide supplementary feeding programmes for cancer patients such as Infant formula and nutritional cereals
  • Provide transport assistance for crucial follow-up appointments as the lack of public transport makes travelling from home to the hospital very difficult and patients have no transport of their own and very little money.
  • Provide support for the parents of cancer patients.
  • Provide palliative care drugs
  • Provide blankets, clothes and toys for the children
  • Run national awareness and sensitization campaigns to achieve early detection
  • Provide a trained volunteer program to provide art therapy and playtime for the children restricted to the hospital.

KidzCan would love to have a hospital of their own, where they can accommodate the children who are in for diagnosis or treatment as well as assist with accommodation for the parent / caregiver of the children from other provinces. They believe that with your help this will be possible.
Some ways you can help KidzCan:

  • Donate money to help KidzCan meet their expenses by email at info@kidzcan.co.zw or phone/SMS on 0772 243 698.
  • Offer assistance in the form of infant formula and cereals, blankets, clothes and toys for the children
  • Volunteer to help with playtime for those children restricted to the hospital by email at info@kidzcan.co.zw or phone on 0772 243 698.

If you would like to find out more, or if you would like to subscribe to the KidzCan newsletter, please email info@kidzcan.co.zw