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Mother’s Day Felt and Button Flowers

Mothers Day

YOU WILL NEED:- Scissors, felt, ribbon, kebab sticks, buttons & a needle and thread

I saw this idea online & thought it was FAB so I gave it a try!  So easy & so effective, lovely idea for kids & mums to make!fective! Lovely idea for kids & mum

  1. Cut out a template flower on a piece of paper, trace around this on to your felt & then cut your flower out of the felt.
  2. Take your needle & thread and place your kebab stick on your flower, sew your thread around the kebab stick & felt so it holds it tightly.
  3. Place your buttons on top of each other on top the felt flower with the kebab stick at the back. Now sew your thread through the buttons & fasten them tightly.
  4. Once your buttons are on your flower you can tie a piece of green ribbon around the kebab stick at bottom of your flower to make your leaves!

Download instructions here!

Courtesy of Christy from Crafty Bugs - Harare.