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10 Argyll Drive

Tel: +263 4 746470 / 0772 106404
Email: geschool@earth.co.zw

Located within the serene Highlands area, the Newlands Kindergarten is run by the German School Society that was established in 1992.

Our ultimate goal is to holistically accompany and support our children as they develop in their formative years.

Adventure awaits our children in our classrooms and especially in our spacious, beautiful garden as they engage in games, art and movement as processes of learning. Nature is said to be the best teacher - and our methods of engaging with our children reinforce just that as we seek to stimulate all their senses and inspire their imagination and motivate them to creative expressions and imaginations.

Our curriculum is in line with the Zimbabwe National Preschool Association as well as focusing on the Montessori Philosophy to build the child's self-confidence. It caters for all your child's cognitive, sensory and social development needs.

Afternoon care is available for busy moms and dads who may not have the time to make the long trip home during a lunch break, as well as catering for school children with the offer of homework support. Our nutritious lunch and an afternoon snack are included in our affordable fees.

Educational trips take place each term, in addition to an End of Year Concert, Graduation Celebration and Sports Day, which give the children the opportunity to show their learning and progress to their parents. Termly reports and graduation certificates are issued. Organizing sleep overs, camping weekends and holiday groups are specialties of our life at the KiGa.

Key Facts

- Children from 18 months considered
- Up to Grade 0 with special Grade 1 preparation
- Beneficial child : teacher ratio
- Experienced and qualified teachers
- Afternoon care and homework support
- Full day care including lunch and snack
-Termly consultation days
- Exciting weekly schedule with Arts and Craft, Computers, German lessons, Singing and Rhythm, Swimming, Gymnastics, Cooking and Nutrition, Gardening
What We Offer:

- An inspiring and adventurous world for children in our rooms and garden, that can be experienced with all the senses
- Looking at games, art, and movement as processes of natural learning which is key to our daily routine
- Using natural materials and not manufactured toys to inspire the child's imagination and motivate them to creative expressions and actions
- Encouraging children to unfold their interests and abilities autonomously and on their own initiative
- Confirming/reinforcing children in their independent actions that build and strengthen their self-confidence and their self-consciousness
- Supporting their social behaviour by giving them an opportunity to solve conflicts in a self-responsible way and assisting them if necessary in learning consideration for others.
Weekly Activities

- Swimming
- Gymnastics
- Computers
- German Lessons
- Gardening
- Cooking and Nutrition
- Arts and Craft
- Singing and Rhythm