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Nursery Rhymes and Finger Plays

These can be used to keep your child amused on walks, driving in the car, during changing time or whilst waiting for a meal.

Slowly, Slowly
Use your hands to mime the actions suggested by the words, or just use the rhyme as a tickling game with baby.

Slowly, slowly, very slowly
Creeps the garden snail.
Slowly, slowly, very slowly
Up the wooden rail.

Quickly, quickly, very quickly
Runs the little mouse.
Quickly, quickly, very quickly
Round about the house

Two Little Eyes
Point to each feature as it is mentioned.

Two little eyes to look around,
Two little ears to hear each sound,
One little nose to smell what’s sweet,
One little mouth that likes to eat.

Walking Through the Jungle
Pretend to walk very carefully through the jungle and mime the actions to suggest each animal.  It’s easy to make up more verses for this rhyme.

Walking through the jungle,
What did I see?
A big lion roaring
At me, me, me!

Walking through the jungle,
What did I see?
A baby monkey laughing
At me, me, me!

Walking through the jungle,
What did I see?
A slippery snake hissing
At me, me, me!

Ten Little Gentlemen
Use your fingers to represent the gentlemen in this rhyme.  When the door closes at the end, be sure to give a big clap.

Ten little gentlemen, standing in a row.
Bow, little gentlemen, bow down low;
Walk, little gentlemen, right across the floor,
And don’t forget, gentlemen, to please close the door.

I Hear Thunder
This is sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”.

I hear thunder, I hear thunder, (drim feet on the floor)
Hard, don’t you, hark, don’t you? (pretend to listen)
Pitter-patter raindrops (flutter your fingers for raindrops)
Pitter-patter raindrops,
I’m wet through, (shake your body)
So are you! (point to your child)

Courtesy of "The Toddler's Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner