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Once Upon a Time Nursery School

Once Upon a Time Nursery School

25 Argyll Drive

Tel: +263 4 776470
Email: rosyvzim@gmail.com
Web: www.onceuponatimenurseryschool.com

Once Upon a Time Nursery School was started 28 years ago. It is now established as a flourishing pre-school; a wonderland of learning opportunities, complimented by cutting edge technology such as our newly acquired LED touch screen, which promotes interactive education.

We welcome children aged between 3 and 6 years of age, who are placed in one of four classes (Green, Yellow, Blue and Red) according to their ability and maturity, taking into account their chronological ages. Each class of 20 children has a fully qualified teacher and a Nursery Aide, with the exception of the youngest group (Green Group) which has two teachers and three nursery aides and the pre-school class (Red Group), which has two qualified teachers and two nursery aides.

Our aim is to introduce children to the joy of learning through fun, and we seek to develop our pupils in as many spheres as possible. Included in our timetable are learning skills, development of fine and gross motor skills, conceptual development, all forms of art and craft activities, numerical and shape sequencing, sand and water play, role play and dressing up in the ‘Dollies Corner’, ‘Traffic Awareness’, ball skills and mini-tennis, baking days, and feeding the animals in our ‘Animal Paradise’. Extracurricular activities under fully qualified tutelage include Ballet, Grasshopper Gymnastics (pre-school gym) and Acrobatic Dance, and Adventures into Music.

• A large shaded playground packed with wonderfully varied and high quality equipment
• Animal Paradise, which includes a fenced area where the children can watch and feed rabbits, tortoises, guinea pigs and ducklings, as well as a separate petting area
• A comprehensive Traffic Awareness centre, complete with a miniature traffic light, a ‘Mr Plod' the Policeman's outfit, pedal cars, scooters, motorbikes, a zebra crossing and even hand held road signs
• Dollies Corners in each of the classrooms, fully equipped with a miniature kitchen, bedroom furniture, laundry equipment, prams, dolls and clothes
• A large selection of Sand trays and Water trolleys with toys
• Paddling pools and a swimming pool, offering children an introduction to swimming