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Party Planning for Novices

Having just held a small party for my 'now 4-year-old', I wanted to share a few tips with those of you who are new to party planning for kids, or perhaps not-so-new, but just feeling daunted by the prospect.  Rest assured, you CAN do it...thanks to the amazing help of Pinterest.com...I mean, what did we do before it?!  I guess we read magazines to glean inspiration.  You don't even have to be creative really...Pinterest.com is full of the most wonderful ideas out there for party food and games, it's sure to get even 'Scrooge' excited about Christmas!  So be certain to take a look.

My next best 'helper' was Medtech in Graniteside, where I managed to purchase the balloons, party cups, some decorative aids and little party favours for the children, all relatively affordably.  Apparently, Medtech has opened a new shop in Kensington, and of course they also have a small shop in Sam Levy's Village, Borrowdale.

Total Kids Zone arrived with the jumping castle earlier than we'd expected, which was a pleasant change, so we didn't have to worry about them turning up at the last minute.  It is the first time we've hired one of these as our little girl has only recently come to enjoy bouncing on them.  Needless to say, she was suitably impressed.

And a dear friend made the birthday cake which was delightful (and delicious!), so I didn't have to stress about that.

I actually had great fun preparing for this little event and hope you will find joy in your next celebration, armed with these snippets of info.



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