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Runyararo Children’s Home

Harvest Christian Fellowship, held at Gateway High School, was established in 1997, are concerned for all people groups and as part of their practical ministry to the poor, they support Runyararo Children’s Home which costs approximately US$3,500 per month. This incorporates carer salaries, school fees, food, clothing and medical care for 10 children, utility bills, office expenses and vehicle running costs.

Whilst, 5 people outside the church sponsor 5 children to the tune of US$100 per child per month and from time to time they get donations of clothing and other goods, the children are currently in need of new clothing and in particular shoes. They also need personal items such as toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant. Below is a list of the children with their ages and shoe sizes (where these have been provided to us). If you feel you could assist in any way, please kindly email harvestchurch@zol.co.zw or contact us. Thank you in anticipation for your support of this worthy cause.

  • Esther – 2 years old
  • Nyasha – 5 years old (boy)
  • Blessing – 9 years old, shoe size 3
  • Rutendo – 10 years old
  • Tatenda – 12 years old
  • Mitchel – 12 years old, shoe size 7
  • Leona – 14 years old, shoe size 5
  • Grace – 14 years old, shoe size 3
  • Melody – 15 years old, shoe size 8
  • Martinah – 15 years old, shoe size 7