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Sample Day of Meals for a 6-year Old

Breakfast1 cup whole grain cereal*
½ cup skim or lowfat milk
½ banana
56g whole grains
½ cup dairy
½ cup fruit
Snack1 large celery stick with 1 Tbsp light cream cheese or almond butter and 1 Tbsp raisins¼ cup vegetables
14g meat/beans
¼ cup fruit
Lunch1 cup skim milk
Whole wheat pita with 1 thick slice (56g) roasted chicken, ¼ avocado, 5 slices cucumber, and 1 leaf lettuce, and honey-mustard
1 medium orange
1 cup dairy
56g whole grains
56g roast chicken
¾ cup vegetables
¾ cup fruit
Snack½ cup sliced apple and ½ cup cinnamon-sprinkled plain yogurt½ cup fruit
½ cup dairy
Dinner½ baked sweet potato
½ cup broccoli—raw with low fat salad dressing or steamed with 1 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese
56g herb-marinated grilled lean steak or tempeh
1 whole wheat roll
1 cup vegetables
56g meat/beans
28g whole grains

Courtesy of http://www.superkidsnutrition.com/nutrition-articles/life-stage/tweens_teens/healthyeating-tweens_teens/he_sample-menu-6yrold/