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Toddler Meal Ideas

We were delighted to discover this list of mostly quick and easy meal ideas for toddlers, which we've adapted slightly to suit our Zimbabwean families!  We hope you'll also feel encouraged to be more inventive, despite your busy schedules.

NB  You know what your child is capable of chewing/swallowing without choking, so please cut/chop the food accordingly.  It is also important to be mindful of any possible food allergies your child may have when trying out any of these ideas.

Breakfast Meals

  1. Scrambled egg whites with cheddar cheese, hand full of cheerios, sliced strawberries
  2. Vanilla yoghurt, sliced fruit for mixing, 1/2 cup of cheerios
  3. Muffin, 230ml of Whole Milk
  4. French toast(whole grain bread (no added sugar), eggs, cinnamon, vanilla and milk), side of mixed fruit
  5. Peanut      butter and jam sandwich, 170ml of Whole Milk
  6. Bowl of Oats-So-Easy
  7. Pancakes with sliced banana
  8. Whole grain toast with peanut butter, applesauce with mixed in Oatmeal
  9. Veggie and cheese omelette, mixed fruit cup
  10. Whole wheat toast, light cream cheese, turkey sausage
  11. Apple Sauce Pancakes
  12. Sweet Melon (Spanspek), Banana, yogurt, orange juice, honey and vanilla extract smoothie, and cheerios on the side
  13. Whole wheat toast with sugar free natural jam, nectarines

Lunch Meals

  1. Ham and cheddar cheese sandwich on whole wheat
  2. Toasted cheese sandwich on whole wheat, fruit juice
  3. Grilled chicken patty seasoned with parsley and LIGHT pepper, baked sweet potato fries
  4. Peeled and sliced carrots and cucumbers, and pita bread triangles, served with humus
  5. Chopped cooked broccoli with cheddar cheese melted on top, warm pita bread
  6. Peanut Butter and jam sandwich, steamed carrot sticks sliced/chopped
  7. Tomato, cucumber and onion salad - chop/slice veggies - mix with light Italian      dressing or red wine vinegar and olive oil, kids chicken nuggets
  8. Whole wheat or grain toast, avocado and cream cheese smeared on toast, steamed carrot sticks and dipping sauce
  9. Cheesy Broccoli-Potato Mash
  10. Tuna Salad Pita (light mayo, tuna, lettuce leaves chopped)
  11. Lunch meat slices, cheese slices, wrap rolled or torn, veggie medley
  12. Spinach Ravioli with cheese sprinkled on top, side of sliced strawberries
  13. Whole wheat snack biscuits, cheese slices, ham and/or roast beef slices, sliced sweet melon
  14. Sliced pickles, green olives, black olives, cheese cubes, whole wheat pita

Dinner Meals

  1. Macaroni
  2. Toasted cheese sandwich, side of tomato soup for dipping or spoon feeding
  3. Spinach Lasagna
  4. Mini meatballs, cup of steamed broccoli
  5. Homemade hamburger
  6. Shredded pork lightly seasoned, steamed chopped carrots with cinnamon and unsalted butter mixed in
  7. Vegetable Soup
  8. Fish fingers, cauliflower steamed and dressed with melted cheddar cheese
  9. Broccoli and Cheese Casserole
  10. Sizzling Stir-Fry (chicken, broccoli, baby carrots, yellow pepper, low sodium soy sauce, garlic, water) with brown rice
  11. Roast chicken slices, steamed cabbage slices, whole wheat pita bread
  12. 5-Minute Noodles (using only half of the spice packet for the whole portion of noodles) with a side of veggies
  13. Chicken, sweet mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli with feta cheese on top
  14. Tuna pasta