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Valentine Craft Ideas

How about trying out one of these fun and easy Valentine craft ideas with your little ones:

Valentine's Postcard
What you need:  Heavy white paper or card, paper doily, red or pink paint, paintbrush or sponge
What to do:  Place a paper doily on one side of a blank postcard, or on a piece of heavy white paper folded to make a card.  You can hold the doily in place with a small amount of glue or a paper clip.  Paint or sponge over the doily and onto the postcard beneath it.  Remove the doily and let the postcard dry.  

Valentine's Card
What you need:  Pink card, scissors, red and white paint, spoons, small rolling pin
What to do:  Cut out large heart shapes from the card; fold in half, then open again.  Have your child use a spoon to dribble red and white liquid paint onto the heart.  Fold the heart up with the paint on the inside; your child can use his hand or a small rolling pin to press on the top of the folded heart.  Open up the heart again to see the designs the paint has made.  You can write on the unpainted side of the heart, or glue it onto another sheet of white or red construction paper to make a pretty Valentine's card.

(Courtesy of "The Toddler's Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner)

Love Rocks
Such a lovely and easy craft idea. Gather some pebbles and then decorate with pretty heart shapes. You can use PVA to glue on heart shapes from tissue, fabric or cut out of magazines, use stickers or use paints to paint on your deigns. Add a layer of PVA as varnish. These are so lovely to hold and look gorgeous when gathered together in a bowl, basket or jar.

Button Hearts
Find some pretty buttons and thread them onto a length of wire. Once you have enough, bend the wire into a heart shape and twist the ends to secure. Add pretty ribbon to make a lovely hanging decoration. You could also use beads for this one, which may be easier for younger children to thread or use pipe cleaners instead of wire. These look so pretty hung in windows.

Stuffed with Love
A lovely and stunningly simple craft idea for little hands to make. Cut two red heart shapes from card and decorate with glue and tissue/paint/glitter/cellophane and then glue or staple together and stuff with tissue for a 3D heart to hang in the window or give as a card stuffed with love.

(Courtesy of Netmums )