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Very Simple Art and Craft Ideas to Try at Home

Ice Cube Painting

What you will need:
Ice cubes
Powdered paint (or food colouring)
Flat box or large baking pan

Place a sheet of paper in the box or baking pan.  Sprinkle a little powder paint on the paper.  Place the ice cube in the box and let your child rotate the box around to make a pretty painting.

Bubble Wrap Printing

What you will need:
Bubble wrap packing material
Liquid paint (several colours)

Tape the bubble wrap to the table or surface you will be painting on.  Have your child paint on the bubble wrap, then press a piece of paper on it to get an interesting print.

Popcorn Picture

What you will need:
Popped popcorn
Glue stick or white glue
Heavy duty paper/cardboard
Brown paper bag (optional)
Powder paint (optional)

Rub the glue stick on a piece of heavy paper/cardboard or spread white glue with a brush.  Stick popped popcorn onto it to make a collage.  For a winter scene, use plain white popcorn.  For spring flowers, shake the popcorn in a borwn paper bag with powder paint (or food colouring), then glue the popcorn onto a flower shape cut from heavy paper/cardboard.  For variety, you could use Otees or puffed rice cereal instead.

By courtesy of "The Toddler's Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner