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Zimbabas Top 10 Ideas for Date Nights!

Perhaps the most salient advice to an expectant mum is to ensure she makes time for her husband once their bundle of joy has entered the world.  Whilst this may sound pretty straightforward, experienced mothers will acknowledge just how challenging this actually is.  When you become a parent, one-on-one time with your spouse becomes a rare commodity and it takes a great deal of discipline and effort to spend quality time together.  We can not over emphasize the significance of 'couple time', however, as it helps to build greater intimacy which in turn opens up the communication channel and ultimately strengthens your marriage unit, one of the foundational building blocks to a healthy and happy society.

So, having scoured the world wide web for ideas, here are our favourite suggestions for 'date nights' with your significant other (some of them won't even cost a cent):

  1. Go Rambling - Put on your hiking boots or a comfortable pair of trainers, pack two large bottles of water, and some delicious sambos, and off you go... Gomokarera is just one suggested spot close to Harare.
  2. Go to a Show - Book a couple of tickets to a local show and perhaps add on an early pre-supper so you have some time to chat!
  3. Arrange a Spa Night In - If you've managed to deposit your kids with the grandparents for the night, why not take turns giving each other a massage, then rinse off in a candle-lit bubble bath (perhaps even complimented by a glass o'bubbles if you want to be really indulgant!)
  4. Have a Movie Theme Night - Cook a meal for two to fit the theme of your chosen movie.
  5. Brunch Date - Enjoy a late breakfast/early lunch at a fave coffee spot or restaurant...make sure it's open before you set out though to avoid disappointment!
  6. Learn to Dance - Take a social dance class together.  Classes at Borrowdale Scout Hall  (behind CarGuard) from 7-9pm every Tuesday.  Wear comfy shoes, and feel free to take some drinks.  Any questions contact Matt on 0775007997 or email matt.murrell@me.com
  7. Watch the Sunrise (or Sunset) - Grab a blanket and a flask of steaming hot coffee, and enjoy the calmness of the morning hours together...whether at home or an appointed spot which is special to you both.
  8. Play Scrabble (The Saucy Version!) - A game of words -- a battle of wits can prove to be some seriously hot foreplay;-)
  9. Go for a Cycle Ride Together - You may already be familiar with a local route, or else you could try the Botanical Gardens (accessible from Sandringham Drive, Alexandra Park) or Art Farm (Harare Drive), to name just a couple of places.
  10. Enjoy a Luxury Night In - Prepare your spouse's favourite meal, set the ambiance with candles and decor, and dress up in that LBD ('little black dress') you haven't had the opportunity to wear in ages!